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VOIP Numbers

VOIP Numbers

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VoIP Numbers & Phone Systems

Are you moving office and want to keep your number?

Want a memorable phone number for your company?

Want to appear local to an area when you may not be in that area code?

Mint Telecom Inbound services can do just that. Whatever the reason we can provide the following:

  • Local geographic numbers
  • National standard rate 03 numbers
  • Freephone 0800 numbers
  • Memorable numbers

Once purchased, Mint Telecom can point your number at any existing landline or mobile. We can even set up clever time-based rules that allow different call routing at different times.


What are VoIP Numbers?

VoIP Numbers are essentially identifiers for those who use Voice over IP networks. These VoIP phone numbers are independent of any location which means that you can use international numbers or national numbers. With using VoIP, you can choose a phone number with any area code. This allows you to appear as though you are calling from either the same area or a different area, depending on what you choose.

Another feature that VoIP numbers have is that you can attach the same number to multiple devices. This means that you can manage calls from any device which increases the flexibility of your business.


Business Benefits of Inbound Services

  • Keep a number when you move office
  • Never miss a call to your landline even if you are out and about
  • Memorable numbers are great for advertising campaigns
  • Freephone numbers encourage people to call in and engage with you


Contact Mint Telecom for VoIP Phone Numbers in Stourbridge, Birmingham

If you’re in need of a VoIP Number then contact one of our telecoms specialists today. Our IT & Telecoms professionals serve in Birmingham and across the West Midlands. We can recommend the most suitable VoIP phone system & VoIP Number for your business. With our extensive knowledge and experience of the telecoms sector, we can help you with our inbound services.

Contact us on 01384 887733 or email us at