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Leased Lines

Leased Lines


Leased Lines & EFM Broadband

For larger businesses that may also host their own websites and internal IT infrastructure, a Mint Telecom Leased Line can guarantee the uptime and performance you require. Mint Telecom can provide leased line internet connections at speeds of up to 10 Gb (Yes, that’s a whopping 10240 Mb). Whatever your internet connectivity requirements we can meet them.

All Mint Telecom Leased Telephone Lines come with a 99.9% uptime guarantee, and a much tighter Service Level Agreement (SLA) to cover you in the unlikely event that the circuit goes down.

All of our leased phone lines are provided over dedicated cables which are installed at your premises. This means that your bandwidth is reserved for you and you can expect there to be no slowdowns at 4 PM when everyone else nearby logs in after school and work.


What are Leased Lines?

Leased telephone lines are a dedicated and fixed-bandwidth connection which provides resilient and rapid connectivity for your business. These telephone lines offer private connections which are not shared by any other businesses which results in an unrestricted and high-speed broadband connection. Businesses which require fast and reliable internet to manage their IT infrastructure can greatly benefit from leased telephone lines or Ethernet First Mile lines. (EFM broadband)

Ethernet First Mile lines are very similar to leased lines as they provide dedicated and fast connections. The main difference of Ethernet First Mile is that it is considerably cheaper than leased telephone lines as EFM uses bonded copper paired wires, rather than fibre optic cables to deliver high-speed internet. 


Business Benefits of Mint Telecom Leased Lines

  • Reliable internet connection with 99.9% uptime
  • Speeds of up to 10240 Mb (10Gb) up and down
  • 4 Hour break fix SLA in the event the circuit goes down
  • Uncontended connectivity
  • Utilise cloud services
  • Host web sites and other services on your own IT Infrastructure
  • Fully managed Cisco router


Contact Mint Telecom for Leased Phone Lines & EFM Broadband in Stourbridge, Birmingham

If your business requires a reliable and fast internet connection then leased telephone lines or Ethernet First Mile lines can be beneficial. Contact one of our friendly experts today and our professionals can recommend the most suitable solution for your business. We serve in Birmingham and across the West Midlands.

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