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ISDN Lines

ISDN Lines

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ISDN Telephone Lines

Does your business require more than just one phone line?  ISDN is the ideal and cost effective way of running up to 30 phone lines on a single number into your business.  ISDN comes in two flavours.

ISDN2e is a Digital business line service that comes with 2 channels per connection, with the ability to link multiple connections together, each with its own connection box (NTE), but with DDI numbers across all linked connections. it uses Direct Dial Inbound (DDI) numbers allowing individual DDI numbers to be used for individuals, departments and marketing purposes.

ISDN30e is the premium Digital business line service – available from 8 channels (lines) up to 30 on a single bearer cable, and with the ability to use multiple bearers, ISDN30e is the most flexible digital business phone line service available. The use of DDI numbers is exactly the same as with ISDN2e. ISDN30e is ideal for customers requiring any number of lines from 8 upwards.


What is ISDN?

ISDN is the abbreviation of ‘Integrated Services Digital Network’. This is a set of international communication standards for transmitting data over traditional circuit switches such as, telephone lines. Compared to the analogue telephone lines, ISDN is a high-speed internet service which can transmit voice, video and data.

ISDN telephone lines provide a whole range of advantages which can be highly beneficial for businesses. The faster data transfer rate of the telephone line provides high-speed connections and high data rates through two channels.

IDSN telephone lines also allow channels to be used simultaneously which means that you are able to use attach multiple devices on a single line. 


Business Benefits of ISDN

  • One number, multiple lines
  • Direct Dials Inbound Numbers available (DDI) – One phone number per handset
  • Increase or decrease the number of lines in single increments (ISDN 30 Only)
  • Better Service Level Agreements (SLAs) than analogue phone lines


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