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Fixed Lines

Fixed Lines

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Fixed Lines & Landlines

Mint Telecom provides fixed lines and fixed line broadband packages for businesses. These phone lines can provide clear and comfortable communication through either an office or corded telephone system. Landline telephones can be much more affordable than cellular phones due to its lower setup costs and hardware costs.

Mint Telecom has 20 years of experience in providing professional telephony services to Stourbridge, Birmingham and across the West Midlands. Having served a variety of business sectors, we have worked with many businesses which have benefited from upgrading their telephone lines. We work closely with you to understand your business and your requirements. Our professional IT and Telecoms professionals can advise on the best telephone line solution for your business.


What are Fixed Lines?

Fixed telephone lines are commonly known as ‘Landlines’. This is a telephone which transmits radio waves through a metal wire or a fibre optic line. Landline telephones provide a fixed connection between to other phones which provide more security and reliability than cellular phones. Cell phone signals can often attenuate when there are no cellular towers or satellites nearby, whereas land lines use a fixed medium to transmit data through.

Fixed line broadband is an internet connection which is delivered to your premises through telephone lines. This broadband is widely available and can either be in two forms, ADSL or Fibre Optic. As fixed line broadband is provided through phone lines, you can expect a reliable internet connection and low latencies. This can be crucial for businesses that rely on a solid internet connection for their day to day operations.


Business Benefits of Fixed Lines

  • Provides a secure connection.
  • Can be used with cheaper domestic equipment.
  • Ideal for small businesses.


Contact Mint Telecom for Fixed Lines in Stourbridge, Birmingham

If you need to upgrade your telephone lines, then contact one of our experts today. Our IT & Telecoms professionals serve in Birmingham and across the West Midlands. We can recommend the most suitable solution for your business.

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