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Cloud Wifi

Cloud Wifi


Cloud WiFi Services

Do you have a multi-site business? Then a Mint Telecom Cloud WiFi solution may be right for you.

We can provide cloud managed wireless infrastructure that allow all of your sites to be managed as one. Gone are the days when you have to remember multiple passwords for your sites WiFi as you travel around. Mint Telecom can provide a single wireless network that covers all of your sites, and indeed any future site as your business grows.

Business critical systems can be isolated from guest WiFi access to ensure the security and integrity of your business critical systems. Our Ubiquiti WiFi solutions have been used everywhere from 100,000 square foot warehouses for warehouse applications to coffee shops to capture their customer’s social media information in exchange for them having access to the internet.

Please get in touch to discuss your wireless network requirements.


What is Cloud WiFi?

A Cloud-managed infrastructure is a modern type of network which is hosted through the Cloud. This system can span over multi-site offices and provide consistently fast speeds with minimal performance issues.

This can be beneficial for multi-site businesses as it provides the scalability, flexibility and security which businesses may need. With a Cloud wireless network, you can add more devices to the network which may be limited with traditional wireless networks. These Cloud systems provide modern security features to actively protect the wireless networks from threats.

These wireless networks are hosted off-site, you can save money on repairs, maintenance and hardware, which makes this a very cost-effective solution. Even though the network may be off-site, you can still expect high performance from the modern Cloud systems.


Business Benefits of Mint Telecom Cloud Wifi

  • Easy to install & cost effective
  • Enterprise class equipment
  • One network spanning multiple sites             
  • Fully managed from our cloud portal
  • Secure
  • Scalable


Contact Mint Telecom for Cloud WiFi Services in Stourbridge, Birmingham

If you’re looking for a reliable wireless network for your business, then look no further. Our IT & Telecoms professionals serve in Birmingham and across the West Midlands. With our extensive range of systems from leading manufacturers, we can help you find the best WiFi network to suit your needs.

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