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Telephone Systems & IT Services in Birmingham

Telephone Systems & IT Services in Birmingham

No matter the sector or industry that your business operates in, voice communication remains to be an important element for the success of your business. Employees need an effective and secure method of communication with customers, potential customers, and other employees. With years of industry experience and expertise, Mint Telecom have successfully served Birmingham and other areas with reliable unified communication solutions that meets business' requirements.

IT and Cloud services provide numerous benefits for businesses of all sizes. Gaining a competitive edge with Hosted VoIP systems or Cloud WiFi is a simple step and it makes a remarkable impact on your business. Mint Telecom can provide managed wireless infrastructures to help you manage your all of your sites as one.

If your business is located in Birmingham and you require telephony, IT or Cloud services, then please get in touch with one of our telecoms professionals.

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Telephone Systems & Telephony

Telephone systems provide a unified communications solution for your business which allows your employees to effectively stay connected and communicate. Modern telephone systems come equipped with a variety of features and functions which not only improve the efficiency, but also simplify tasks. Whether you're a small business or an enterprise, a telephone system can be a very cost-effective way to improve your workforce's efficiency and productivity.

Our systems include:

IT & Cloud Services

Businesses from different industry sectors are beginning to see the advantages of Cloud services and hosted phone systems. With more businesses integrating hosted PBX or hosted VoIP systems into their operations, it's clear that these hosted systems provide a greater advantage than traditional systems. The Cloud is also being widely adopted into businesses as there are numerous benefits of utilising the Cloud. From increased flexibility and reduced costs, to greater mobility and more effective collaboration, any business can take advantage of these benefits.

With years of experience and industry expertise, Mint Telecom Midland's telecom professionals have successfully served businesses in Birmingham with reliable, effective and cost-effective IT and Cloud services. We can help your business stay competitive and migrate to the cloud.

Our IT & Cloud services include:

WiFi & Broadband Internet Services

Many businesses still utilise wired networks, such as Local Area Networks, to share resources as it can be beneficial for some businesses. However, wireless networks are now being more widely adopted as they can provide effective connectivity for businesses with multiple sites. Business broadbands are also seeing an increase in adoption as businesses are realising the benefits of using a suitable broadband package that can provide the connectivity they need, affordably.

Mint Telecom have helped businesses in Birmingham to install their wireless networks and keep their maintenance costs low. If you need to expand your network or find a suitable business broadband package, please get in touch with us.

Our WiFi & Business Broadband services include:

WiFi Services Broadband Packages
WiFi Fibre Optic Broadband
WiFi Installation EFM Broadband
Cloud WiFi ADSL Broadband
Wireless Networks Business Broadband
  Broadband Deals
  BT Broadband
  Leased Lines

Lines & Business Mobiles

Business phone lines provide the ability for businesses to communicate with customers effectively. Business phone packages are often better value for businesses when compared to a domestic phone package due to the volume of calls made or received. As a financial incentive for businesses, phone line providers provide a range of tailored packages that are bespoke to small and large businesses, whether they require SIP lines, VoIP lines, ISDN lines, or even analogue lines.

All of the telephone systems that Mint Telecom offer, can make full use of a variety of phone lines, such as SIP, VoIP, ISDN and Analogue. Our telecoms professionals can help you find the right business phone line package for your business.

Our phone line and business mobiles:

Business Phone Lines Business Mobile Phones
Analogue Lines Business Mobiles
ISDN Lines Sim Only Deals
Fixed Lines Mobile Phone Deals
SIP Trunks  
VoIP/SIP Lines  
BT Phone Lines  

Contact Mint Telecom for Telephone Systems & IT Services in Birmingham

If you're looking for IT & Cloud services or business mobiles, then look no further. Our IT & Telecoms professionals serve in Birmingham and across the West Midlands. With our extensive range of systems from leading manufacturers and industry expertise, we can help you find the best telephone system and provide reliable IT & Cloud services.

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