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Case study

Viaduct Service Station


Gary at Viaduct service station contacted Mint Telecom when customers were struggling to get through as the line was constantly engaged. The service station has two garages roughly 100m apart. The receptionist in the office often struggled to get call through to the right person and mechanics would have to come into the office to take calls. Staff at Viaduct required the ability to route calls to either of the garages, have a second line to reduce the amount of time the lies are engaged and finally reliable internet access was required in both garages and in the office.

The Solution

Mint Telecom recommended a small LG Phone system with a single receptionist handset. We would also provide two rugged cordless handsets (one for each garage). Calls can be picked up the receptionist and routed to the correct garage, and if the receptionist is on the phone, calls can be picked up by either of the garages with a simple code dialled into the phone. Mint Telecom would also provide an external Wireless Access Point placed in such as location that it provided wireless internet access for users in both garages.

Mint Telecom managed the entire process of converting a feature line to a multi-line, and installed the new system onsite and now have the ability to remotely configure the system should changes be required in the future. 

The team now have a Voicemail box so that if nobody answers the phone it takes a message, and the system automatically goes into night mode when the garage closes.


We would like to thank Mint Telecom for the excellent service that we have received over the last couple of weeks. Our phone system is now far more effective and efficient for which we are so very grateful. There has been very little disruption and Damon Smith Technical Director has been more than helpful throughout. We can thoroughly recommend this great company and their services.

Many Thanks

– Gary Blunden, Owner, Viaduct Service Station