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Work isn’t somewhere you go. It’s something you do

Whether your team is working from home or has started to return to the office, businesses large and small, need to make sure their connectivity will meet the growing needs of employees. Considering how comfortable teams have now become in working remotely, more staff will want to adopt these principles into the future and be capable of staying productive wherever they may be.

The foundation of any business’ digital success is their connectivity infrastructure and previously, a suitable internet connection and phone line may have been all that was needed. But, given the rise in cyberattacks - and the new bandwidth-hungry cloud-based services, like Microsoft 365, Zoom and Slack, which have quickly become ‘must-haves’ in the post-COVID-19 economy - simply installing the applications on your office computers is only half the battle.

Questions around whether a business’ hardware, cybersecurity and connectivity are all up-to-scratch will also need answering to ensure a successful roll-out. What’s more, with the ISDN Switch-Off coming in 2025, businesses already need to upgrade their phone lines to an IP-based system before the deadline. Otherwise, they will simply stop working midway through the decade.

Unified Communications services are the perfect place to start, as operations can combine all their connectivity, calling and cybersecurity services under one internet-based umbrella, simplifying the infrastructure and service workflow, with only one provider to contact for support and billing.

In the age of remote working, mobility is vital, and the right UC solution enables staff to be more productive from wherever they are based. All while businesses can take advantage of improved security and efficiency, as well as better value for money.


Go-anywhere productivity

Staff can seamlessly switch calls to mobile phones and even laptops or home desktops, negating the need for desktop phones, and take calls from their DDI numbers. This also ensures caller-facing features like hunt groups and call recording services are maintained, and easily accessible, for staff accountability and customer service improvement.


Superior reliability

UC solutions can include redundancy networks that ensure that even if one connection fails, the function can be passed to a different internet service or even 4G to ensure continuity of service. Calls can seamlessly be passed to other sites or mobile users. Plus, you don’t have the headache of determining where the fault lies or who to contact for a particular issue.


Seamless collaboration

Real-time collaboration is one of UC’s key features. Especially now that many teams are working remotely, having a platform to discuss ideas and work together on projects is vital. Many UC products come with collaboration platforms included and we at MINT, believe Microsoft Teams is one of the best platforms out there, which is why we offer it as part of our UC solutions.


Added flexibility

With a centralised web-portal, managers can quickly and easily reconfigure their systems and even add new sites. As all that is required is a broadband connection, businesses can quickly get up and running in new premises and is a perfect solution for BYOD policies and time-sensitive applications.


Robust security

Having a single supplier means there are fewer vulnerabilities in the security of your network, plus, all of our cloud-based services that UC solutions are optimised for, already use data encryption to secure any data transmitted or include a firewall to add an extra layer of protection for your data.

We’ve been supporting businesses throughout the Midlands with Unified Communications for years, and companies know MINT throughout the West Midlands for providing a service that ‘just works’.

As we’re local, we can always pop over to address any issues or concerns you may be having in person – though that’s not always feasible at the minute – so we have an incredible range of training and remote support packages, as well as 4-hour SLAs, meaning if you transfer your services to MINT you’ll never be offline for long.

Our team has a passion for providing services that are easy to use. Once onboarded; we’ll make sure you have all the tips and tricks you need to get the very most from your Microsoft 365 and other cloud-based products, to enable your team to work more productively from wherever they are based.

If your business needs to prepare for the new ways in which we will all soon work - wherever and whenever we need to - make sure your IT and telecoms can support those goals way into the future, and past 2025 by partnering with MINT. We can ensure your communications infrastructure just works – without constant maintenance and fiddling with settings – because we aim to provide you with a service you can rely on and forget about so that you can focus on what matters most – your customers.

Contact us on 01384 887733 or email us at sales@Mint


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