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Lessons from COVID-19: Don’t wait for the ‘ISDN Switch Off’ to refresh your calling technology!

For over 30 years, traditional ISDN circuits have been serving the UK as our ‘landline’ network. However, the last 10 - 20 years have seen a massive change in the way we all communicate.

As such, BT announced in 2018 that it will start winding down the availability of ISDN connections in the early 2020s with a vision to deactivate the network in 2025. If your business operates any landlines and you don’t replace the system between now and then, your phone lines will simply stop ringing.

Consider as well, that we now use our phones to communicate in far more ways than just calling and the current National Lockdown has emphasised just how important it is that a business’ communication infrastructure effectively supports remote working strategies.


Why is the ISDN network being deactivated?

Think how much less you use your landline now, than around the Millennium – we just don’t need it anymore! Plus, more modern internet technologies can transmit your calls over your internet connection, through Cloud Technologies, instead of requiring a separate line for calls.

By routing calls through a much faster internet connections, there’s also a host of new features that your staff can take advantage of:

  • Calling from existing hardware like computers and laptops.
  • Add call reporting & recording to any Cloud system.
  • Solutions are commonly 40% cheaper than older technologies.
  • Calls can be forwarded to mobile phones/laptops for remote & home working.
  • Resolving issues is usually faster and there’s less chance of suffering an outage.
  • Extra collaboration and access functionality in some platforms, like Microsoft Teams.


“ Basically, by transitioning to an internet-based telephony platform, your business can save money and be more productive. ”

Many businesses have been waiting until the deadline starts to approach before making the switch to IP-calling technology, but if the Coronavirus outbreak has taught us anything, it’s that businesses should be making these changes NOW, not a couple of years down the line.


The Cornavirus catalyst

Since the National Lockdown, we’ve seen a massive influx of requests to redirect calls to mobile numbers and set up workarounds for calls now that offices are closed. While we’re happy to help our customers, these are changes that are super-simple to make autonomously with an internet-based calling solution.

Not only that, but these services are ideal for remote workers as they can support all the modern modes of communication, like instant messaging and video conferencing and enable staff to receive calls to office numbers, direct to their mobiles with no muss or fuss.

When combined with the right Unified Communications platform too, like Microsoft Teams, you can also provide your team with a host of features that help them collaborate and communicate better, whether they’re working from home or in the office:

  • Central hub for all internal and external communication.
  • Group chat, conferencing, file sharing and time management all in one place.
  • Find files without having to search through hundreds of emails.
  • Call typical 01-, 02, 0800 numbers from computers and laptops.
  • Integrations with 3rd party services and CRM systems like or Dropbox.
  • More enjoyable experience for staff, who can express themselves more.
  • High levels of encryption and security.


What are the alternatives to landline telephones?

Whether you’re a home-office-based company or a large Enterprise, Cloud Telephony is the right technology for you because you can easily add call recording, reporting, video conferencing and collaboration services in platforms like Office365 & Google Docs.

Mint already has hundreds of customers benefitting from Cloud Technologies and regularly save them between 40 and 50% with our solution, compared to their existing telephone services.

If your business is still running on ISDN lines, or need to rethink your calling because of the National Lockdown, why wait? If you’re based in the Midlands, speak to one of our technology specialists today on 01384 887 733 and learn more about how Mint can help to transform your telephony today!