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The Advantages of Hosted VOIP Phone Systems

VOIP phone systems are becoming increasingly popular and they provide businesses of all sizes with greater benefits than legacy telephony systems. With the improvement in network reliability and faster internet speeds, VOIP systems provide excellent voice quality and a wide range of features that help make your business stand out.

VOIP, also known as Voice over Internet Protocol, is a type of telephone system which relies on a broadband service and not the traditional telephone line. Hosted VOIP services are managed and hosted by the VOIP provider. With the ISDN and Analogue lines being switched off in the future, VOIP is a fantastic solution for business telephony.

Here are some of the advantages that hosted VOIP phone systems can offer:


Cost-Effective Communication

One of the major factors for businesses to consider when deciding on a phone system is the cost. Communications for a business is very important, but it can be expensive. With hosted VOIP phone systems, the cost of purchasing, installing or upgrading is much more cost-effective than a legacy telephony system. Most business can save money with VOIP as there are no upfront costs! By routing your calls over the internet, hosted VOIP systems offer many ways for your business to save money.

With legacy hardware, businesses will have to spend a lot of money for the installation, maintenance, repair and upgrading of the phone system. However, with a hosted VOIP system, your provider will host, manage and maintain the equipment for you, resulting in maintenance fees and hardware fees reductions.


Flexible Scalability

For growing businesses, VOIP phone systems provide great scalability. Whether a business employs more staff, add new offices or even expanding to multiple locations, hosted VOIP systems allow businesses to effectively add or remove phones with one phone system. This means that the hosted VOIP phone systems are independent and do not require additional hardware to be installed onto the premise whenever the need to expand arises.


Variety of Phone Features

Hosted VOIP phone systems come with a variety of features which can separate you from your competitors. Conferencing, messaging and mobile communication is made possible through the use of VOIP as it uses your business internet network. As VOIP uses your business internet network, you can also get free calls to local, national and mobiles.

Many of the VOIP packages offer flexibility in pricing as you can pay for the features that you need. Whether you need voice mailing, hold music, extension numbers or even call transferring, you can be sure that VOIP systems can cater to your business needs.


Stay Competitive

Staying competitive is essential, especially for smaller businesses as it can be hard to compete with established businesses. Small businesses can effectively improve their customer services whilst reducing potential costs through the use of hosted telephony.

Hosted phone systems provide great functionality that is scalable and flexible which helps businesses to create a fantastic first impression, allowing a growing business to appear established.



One of the main benefits of hosted VOIP systems is the flexibility and portability of being able to work remotely. You are able to take your handset when travelling and make calls from anywhere in the world, providing great convenience and mobilisation of your workforce. VOIP systems are very reliable and you will always have full access to the functionality of features of VOIP from any device as long as it is connected to your business network.


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With the Openreach switching off ISDN in the future, your business should consider switching to a more reliable phone system. If you need to upgrade your telephone system, then take a look at our range of VOIP phone systems. Our IT & Telecoms professionals serve in Birmingham and the West Midlands. We can recommend the most suitable solution for your business.

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