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Benefits of Avaya Phone Systems

Being able to communicate effectively, efficiently and productively with clients or employees is vital to a business. The advances in technological trends have allowed businesses to move from just phone calls and emails to instant messaging and video conferencing. Businesses require a stable, reliable, flexible and cost-effective solution for communications and if you’re looking for a reliable telephone system, the Avaya phone system may be for you. Here are a few advantages of utilising an Avaya phone system for your business.


What is Avaya?

Avaya is recognised as one of the global leading providers of business collaboration and communication solutions. They provide unified communications, networking, video collaboration and contact centre services to business of all sizes across the world. When it comes to business phone systems, Avaya has received countless awards for their telephony products and services, so they are one of the most reputable on the market.


1. Reliability

Avaya has a renowned reputation for providing very reliable communication tools to businesses of all sizes. Whether it’s a small business or a large enterprise, Avaya has a wide range of phones that can be relied upon. These telephone systems can help increase and maintain your business productivity. Avaya’s extremely dedicated research and development team ensures that their products are high quality and advanced, but also cost-effective. Avaya has also developed their IP technology for their phone systems which prove to be even more reliable. The Avaya IP phone systems provide impressive clarity in sound quality when compared with traditional business telephone systems.


2. Flexibility

Flexibility is another strong benefit of Avaya telephone systems. For both small and large businesses, these phone systems provide great flexibility for communications. Using the IP technology in the phones, you are able to use VoIP handsets and add in mobile phones to your network. If needed, your business can also benefit from adding in additional technology for data storage, retrieval, instant messaging and even video conferencing. Depending on your business needs, your phone system can be as powerful or as minimal as you require. The telephone system features are highly flexible and can be added whenever you need them.


3. Scalability

Avaya uses a converged network which combines both voice and data, essentially providing an integrated telephone system. The advances in technology allow businesses to scale their communication solutions as the business grows. By expanding your IP network, you can easily add in new handsets or hardware when needed. One of the major benefits of an IP network is that you do not need to add more cables or phone lines when adding in new hardware.


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