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Benefits of Telephone Systems for Small Businesses

With an increasing number of small businesses using telephone systems, it’s important that your business is not left behind. You might find that an integrated phone system is cheaper than your current telephone service.

Voice communication remains an essential part to the success of your business and investing in a good telephone system that streamlines the processes can be highly beneficial, not just for cost-saving, but also for increased productivity and customer satisfaction.

Here are a few advantages of using small business telephone systems:



For small businesses, it’s important to build up and maintain a good reputation in order to continue expanding. With a telephone system, you can easily appear more professional as these telephone systems are able to provide a variety of useful features for better customer service.

There are several voice messaging options for you to choose from and you can program sales messages or music for customers to hear while they are on hold. You can even forward calls to various departments in your business for seamless transitions. Ultimately, a small business telephone system will separate your business from others that do not have a professional phone system in place.



Small businesses already spend a lot of their budget on their communications solutions, so a cost-effective telephone system can be highly beneficial for not only cost-saving but for functionality. Small businesses with multiple handsets may find that investing in an integrated and intuitive telephone system can help reduce expenditure. Not only would this be cheaper, but it can also streamline the management of monthly telephone bills.

Hosted phone systems, like VOIP or PBX, are also great options for cost saving. These virtual phone systems are hosted at the provider’s location which means there will be no need for equipment maintenance. These systems can also be setup quite cost-effectively when compared to other on-premise telephone systems.



Telephone systems are versatile as they can be scaled with the growth of your company. Once an appropriate telephone system is installed or setup, it becomes much easier to scale up a number of phones that your employees need. For small businesses, starting with a small phone system can help manage your costs. As your business expands, you might want to invest in larger telephone systems to accommodate extra employees.

VOIP phone systems are great for small businesses as they are virtual phone systems which can be expanded as the business grows. VOIP systems route calls over the internet which means that you can use VOIP from anywhere and any device. 


Innovative Features 

Most telephone systems provide a range of fantastic features which make it so much easier to conduct business. Almost all modern phone systems include the essential features, such as voicemail, caller ID, call forwarding and customised messages. For both small businesses and large businesses, these features can be extremely valuable.


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